Is Your Child Grateful or Spiteful?

Today I was blessed by a call from a friend I met a couple weeks ago. We were chatting about our children (what parent doesn’t LOVE that conversation!). To help introduce me to her little entrepreneur daughter, she sent me a link to a video her daughter. I was taken in by the grace and wisdom, the confidence and humbleness of her daughter had posted on the internet.

PassionParent has discussed raising children with a prosperity consciousness on this blog before. For those of you that are new, my blog of two years was lost recently. In the past, we have discussed raising children with an entrepreneurial mindset and a grateful heart. This video of NuNu was perfect timing for me to take the chance to discuss prosperity mind set with you again, especially going into the Holiday Season which has become so commercialized.

It is great to teach your children how to make money, but are you teaching them about HAVING money? I invite you to download the free book “Allowance Secrets” (Click on the title or banner on the right of the front page). This is a book written by over 30 parenting experts. They share their thoughts on children and money, specifically with allowance. There are many great ideas on how to help your child know how to HAVE money.

One of the greatest gifts I believe you can gift your child with is the gift of gratitude. If your child is demanding and spiteful, ask how much you talk to your child about gratitude. Do you talk to your child about what they can’t have because there is no money? Or do you talk more about all the things YOU are grateful for in them. How blessed you are to have them and why. How blessed you are to have the things you have… or do you curse for the things you do not have?

Here is an example of a child that has clearly learned to live in the blessings she has. I warn you not to think, sure… she can be grateful, because she probably has….. her life is not perfect. She just chooses to focus on her blessings… you and your children can too!

Here’s to being a Passion Parent!

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  1. Michael
    January 10, 2010 | 10:22 am

    Passion Parent is a great resource on information that is truly useful to any parent or parents-to-be. As a soon to be proud parents of our first child, a boy named Tenzin.. :) we certainly found the articles to be informative on how to raise a child.. Thank you!

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