Family Matters! A Gift For Being a Passion Parent!

Have you heard about North Star
Family Matters parenting magazine?


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It’s the only magazine dedicated to the emotional
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–With an EFT article in every issue!

Family MattersOct IssueIt’s been called
“The Best in Parenting in the Nation”

This is a magazine like no other:

It’s real, it’s positive, and it’s inspiring.

*~*In fact, it’s even been featured
in Unity magazine.*~*

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Love and Laughter,

P.S.– Look for the article on EFT & Hugs by Syandra Ingram.

One Response to Family Matters! A Gift For Being a Passion Parent!
  1. Annette
    November 7, 2009 | 8:19 pm

    Finally – a sensible magazine for the future of the children!
    Even though I am not a parent (I have 4-legged fur children) – I am going to get mine!
    Who knows – I might be able to read about and help my inner child!!

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