ADHD and Behavior Challenges~ Could It Be Allergies?

Yesterday I posted on processed foods. Charlotte with EFT4ADD left a comment regarding the reactions children can have to their environment. Some of the things that can affect you and your children are things we hear about often… food allergies. Some things you may not think of that could be affecting your child’s behavior are things in the environment.

One of the interviews in “Parenting Can Be Easier” I created, I spoke with Gene Monterastelli from He speaks of some work where he was able to clear some allergic reactions a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The child went from being diagnosed at functioning at an 18 month level to 5 years in two and a half weeks.

I believe that Charlotte with EFT4ADD also does this type of work and has had similar results. Me personally, I would try something like working with them or the allergy ellimination that Dr. Rapp, M.D. speaks of in this video.

Another great resource for looking at this subject is a book by Dr. Mark Hyman called the

    The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First

. I love what he says in the book about disorders… ADD/ADHD is not a Ritalin deficiency, depression is not a Prozac deficiency…. what we are seeing is a gut problem showing up in the mind.

I highly recommend this book for everyone, not only parents that have special needs children.

Here’s to being a Passion Parent!
Christine Hiebel

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